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Flowers, flowers!
  • Trendy print on organic cotton (50%) and lyocell (50%) from eucalyptus
  • Silky touch in an exclusive fabric made by Aiguavista. you've never touched anything like it
  • Always perfect without the need to iron
  • Precious mother-of-pearl buttons
  • We are Green. H2Zero culture, sustainable and local manufacturing, allergen-free fabrics
Indigo blue
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A quiet walk. And suddenly, a sea of ​​wild flowers rises before you. Color, joy, spontaneity. This is the new Milla bedding set. A trendy floral print that fills your bedroom with life. Flower Power on an exclusive fabric that is very fresh and has a spectacular fall. At Aiguavista we say yes to love and beauty!

Composition : Organic cotton bed linen (50%) and Lyocell (50%) from eucalyptus. The freshness and silky touch of a quality satin but with a very modern casual look.
A unique fabric. Manufactured with very fine threads at 110 passes/cm2. Its weight of 125 gr/m2 once finished gives it an incomparable fall. 50% lyocell provides maximum breathability, silkiness and resistance, as well as a silky touch and a perfect fit.
Digital printing. Stamping made in Portugal. High definition and possibility of producing small quantities so as not to waste fabric or dyes.

Always soft, elegant and resistant. Milla bedding set keeps its sweet touch without the need to iron or add fabric softeners. We recommend air drying that is comfortable for you and sustainable for the planet.
Mother-of-pearl button closure . An elegant and very sustainable detail.

Made in Portugal. Ethical and local production in the Guimarães region, recognized for the quality of its textiles. 100% eco-responsible and transparent traceability.
OEKO-TEX® certified. Fabrics free of harmful substances.


Product type: Organic cotton and lyocell bedding
Reversible: No
Collection items: Duvet cover, pillowcases, cushions (without filling), sheet.
Finish: Organic cotton and lyocell sateen, garment washed, made in Portugal
Description: Duvet cover, cushions and pillows with flap and button closure. Possibility of placing the buttons at the foot of the bed or in the middle.

Material: Organic cotton satin and lyocell. 100% eco-materials from local producers.
Certification: OEKO-TEX®. All our articles are free of harmful substances.
Manufacturing origin: Portugal (Guimaraes)

DUVET COVER 150×220cm




  240×220cm 150 – 160cm
  260×240cm 180 – 200cm
SHEET 160×275cm




  240×275cm 150 – 160cm
  270×275cm 180 – 200cm
CUSHION COVER 60×60cm for any bed
PILLOW CASE 50×75cm Double bed
  45×110cm Individual bed
  140×200+30cm 135 – 140cm
  150×200+30cm 150cm
  160×200+30cm 160cm
  180×200+30cm 180cm
  • Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría. Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría.
  • No limpiar en seco. No limpiar en seco.
  • No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro. No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro.
  • Planchar máximo a 110ºC.Planchar máximo a 110ºC. Recomendamos no planchar.
  • Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta. Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta.

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ECOHotel Rural & Spa

A unique fabric. Fresh and light as a flower

An extraordinary texture created with eco-alternative materials, a mix of organic cotton (50%) and Lyocell (50%) from eucalyptus.

Soft and fresh touch, an elegant fabric.

An incredible sensation of comfort that the garment washing process accentuates.

Materials that flourish on Earth

All the cotton we use is organic. It is born from a non-intensive agriculture, only irrigated by rainwater. Lyocell, a sustainable fiber obtained from wood pulp and eucalyptus leaves, adds elasticity to the fabric. Its cellulose is extracted, crushed and dissolved in a recyclable and reusable non-toxic solvent. Thanks to its spinning technique, the raw material does not undergo any chemical change and does not contaminate the water used during its manufacture.

Always perfect

We like to create pleasant and also practical fabrics.

It maintains its casual appearance and its extreme softness without the need to iron or add softening products (which also leave toxic particles on the garment).

A comfortable air drying for you and sustainable for the planet.

An innovative technique to stamp nature

We needed the power of color and detail to recreate the subtlety. We have applied a digital print with special pigments.

This technique allows us to manufacture small series saving meters of fabric (and we avoid wasting natural resources).

A healthy textile for you and for the planet

Like all our articles, it is certified with the OEKO-TEX® seal, and guarantees the absence of harmful and irritating substances for people and the environment.


A totally eco-responsible vision of manufacturing.

my house is your house

In 2014 we created the company “mi casa es tu casa” associating with JF ALMEIDA, SA, a leading manufacturing manufacturer in Portugal. We are based in the heart of Portugal, in Guimarães, a region recognized throughout the world for the quality of its home textile products. https://www.micasaestucasa.pt/pt/

Raw material

  • Organic cotton from non-invasive agriculture and from local producers.
  • Lyocell from the wood pulp of eucalyptus leaves.
  • Lenzing lyocell made in Europe

Clothing and Manufacturing

  • Manufacture in Portugal
    Thanks to the short manufacturing circuit we achieve limited environmental impact, production control and quality, safe working environment and fair wages.


JF ALMEIDA PORTUGAL - Our path towards Sustainability
We work with Premium pigments and sustainable dyeing processes. The reduction in water consumption is thanks to three pillars: We optimize the dyeing processes. We recycle and reuse water. We invest and update our machinery to make it increasingly more efficient. It is also very important for us to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily lives. We are reducing our energy consumption every year and are introducing the use of green energy, installing, for example, solar panels. We have OEKO-TEX quality certification: all our fabrics are free of harmful substances.

Packaging and transport

  • We deliver orders by truck.
  • In every step we take we try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible
  • Packaging made with recycled materials and with FSC certificate.


Measurement / color changes

When we produce a pre-purchase we always plan a little additional stock to cover possible changes. Of course, the article must be in perfect condition, unwashed and with all the labels in place. Send us an email to eshop@aiguavista-concept.com and we will try to find a solution.

Missed an item?

If you have arrived late to the pre-purchase or you are a Deco professional and you need this Aiguavista for your project, write to us at contact@aiguavista-concept.com. We reserve small remnants of stock for these cases.

Our pre-order textiles are cheaper than in stock. They are fair prices derived from an ethical, sustainable, efficient and planned production. Because we do not disguise our prices to later offer sales and discounts. We are honest with you and with the planet.
You see, avoiding overproduction has its rewards.
At all levels.


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