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Much more than sifting the light
  • 100% organic linen curtain. Manufactured with ethical and environmental standards
  • does not shrink Garment washed linen
  • Sustainable production and water -respect
  • Spectacular fall, organic colors, coconut buttons, elegant touch Lifestyle Costa Brava


Hanging Paula linen curtains produces an extraordinary effect. Its elegance, its spectacular fall, its natural color, the nobility of the fabric... Suddenly, one looks around and has a magical feeling of harmony. And he feels that he is very comfortable. At home.

Composition : 100% organic linen, ethical and sustainable. Our compositions are not deceptive; when we talk about a linen curtain it is because the fabric is 100% linen composition.

A unique linen. Linen robe made with fibers of European origin. High quality due to its grammage of 185 gr/m2. A very durable fabric with the softness and lightness that we expect from a very high quality linen.

Coconut buttons. A very sustainable detail that brings a very stylish touch to the curtain.

Staining with H2Zero Philosophy . Garment dyeing carried out exclusively in Portugal, applying dyeing processes with a closed water circuit for its total reuse and a treatment without the use of chemical agents.

Always soft, elegant and resistant. The Paula linen curtain maintains its casual look and sweet touch without the need to iron or add fabric softeners. We recommend air drying that is comfortable for you and sustainable for the planet.

Made in Portugal. Ethical and local production in the Guimaraes region, renowned for the quality of its textiles. 100% eco-responsible and transparent traceability.

Technical characteristics. Durability (quality pure linen robe, lasts twice as long as cotton). Thermoregulator (maintains optimal body temperature whatever the season of the year), antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Moisture absorption up to 20% of its weight in moisture (maximum sensation of comfort).

OEKO-TEX® certified. Fabric free of harmful substances.

European Flax® certified. European, ethical and sustainable fiber rigorously certified.


Product type : 100% organic linen curtain (pack of 2)

Reversible: No

Description: 185 gr/m2 linen curtain with spectacular drape, with loops finished with delicate coconut buttons.

Finish: Natural and modern look. Soft touch. Garment dyed and washed: a truly elegant handmade look and texture.

Material: 100% organic linen, fiber with certification of European origin and manufacturing according to the strictest environmental standards.

Certification: OEKO-TEX® (all our items are free of harmful substances) and EUROPEAN FLAX® (European, ethical and sustainable linen)

Manufacturing origin: Portugal (Guimaraes)


The Paula linen curtain is available in a universal size, easily adaptable to any room. In addition, since it is garment-washed linen, it does not shrink. Take this into account when calculating your possible arrangements.


  •  Machine washable at 40ºC maximum. We recommend washing in cold water. Machine washable at 40ºC maximum. We recommend washing in cold water.
  •  Do not dry clean. Do not dry clean.
  •  Do not use bleach or chlorine bleaching products. Do not use bleach or chlorine bleaching products.
  •  Iron at 110ºC maximum. Ironing at medium temperature.
  •  Dry at low temperature. We recommend air-drying, which is more respectful of the fabric and more sustainable for the planet. Dry at low temperature. We recommend air-drying, which is more respectful of the fabric and more sustainable for the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susana Alvarez Espada

It is beautiful, and responds to the description on the website, very pleasant to the touch and to look at, it is very natural

Pia Minchot
Excellent quality

It falls beautifully and the fabric is of excellent quality. It looks beautiful

Curtain price with two legs

I don't quite understand if the two curtain legs are included in the price, you can explain it better on the page, thank you




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The beauty of pure linen

Not all linens are the same. At Aiguavista we only work with 100% pure linen, without tricks, without mixing with other synthetic fibers.

A flax grown in a rotary system so as not to deplete the Earth and without chemicals or pesticides, irrigated only with rainwater respecting our water-respect vision of manufacturing.

This is our linen: pure truth and the essence of nature.

Always pretty

We love the serenity that it transmits, the elegant wrinkle that the linen gives it. So forget about ironing, the grace is in its casual appearance and its perfect fall without having to do anything. Wash, air dry and live. In addition, linen is very resistant (it lasts twice as long as cotton) and the beauty of its texture increases wash after wash.

Natural color, handmade dye

We dye and wash the garment meticulously, with love, applying traditional dyeing techniques learned with great respect.

Premium pigments ensure long-lasting colors, wash after wash. All because we look for natural tones and incredible soft textures.

healthy for you and for the planet

Like all our household linen, it is certified with the OEKO-TEX® seal. Now you can dress your home with sophisticated garments free of toxic substances.

In addition, being 100% pure linen, it does not have a static electricity charge, so it does not attract dust and it is especially recommended for allergy sufferers. Yes, we have achieved it. We have combined design with the health of people and the planet.


A totally eco-responsible vision of manufacturing.

my house is your house

In 2014 we created the company “mi casa es tu casa” associating with JF ALMEIDA, SA, a leading manufacturing manufacturer in Portugal. We are based in the heart of Portugal, in Guimarães, a region recognized throughout the world for the quality of its home textile products.

Raw material

  • Organic cotton from non-invasive agriculture and from local producers.
  • Lyocell from the wood pulp of eucalyptus leaves.
  • Lenzing lyocell made in Europe

Clothing and Manufacturing

  • Manufacture in Portugal
    Thanks to the short manufacturing circuit we achieve limited environmental impact, production control and quality, safe working environment and fair wages.

Dying process

J.F. ALMEIDA PORTUGAL - Our journey to SustainabilityTreballem with Premium pigments and sustainable dyeing processes. The reduction of water consumption is thanks to three pillars: Optimize the dyeing processes. Recycle and reuse water. We invest and update our machinery to make it more efficient each time. It is also very important for us to reduce our carbon footprint day by day. We are reducing our energy consumption every year and introducing the use of green energies, installing solar panels for example. We have OEKO-TEX quality certification: all our fabrics are free of harmful substances.

Packaging and transport

  • We deliver orders by truck.
  • In every step we take we try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible
  • Packaging made with recycled materials and with FSC certificate.