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Elegance comes to the bathroom
  • Aiguavista eco curl. 70% organic cotton and 30% lyocell. Delicate detail in organic linen with Aiguavista embroidery
  • Premium quality soft touch. Extra soft and absorbent
  • Mix & Match. Sets in 10 colors to combine and decorate your bathroom
  • Eco-sustainable production and fabric free of harmful OEKO-TEX® substances
Rosa opalo
Cielo gris
white foam
Set de 3 piezas
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The delicious touch of organic cotton on your skin. An extra soft and absorbent curl. A linen detail that dresses you with elegance and a lot of class. And the colors of the Mediterranean to combine and create a unique look in the bathroom. Always fluffy, always tasty. A true luxury in your home.

Composition : A blend of organic cotton (70%) and Lyocell (30%) from eucalyptus that gives the terry of our quality bath towels incomparable softness and absorbency. Elegant detail in 100% organic linen.

A unique curl. Made with soft touch yarn to ensure unmatched softness, fluffiness and absorbency. Lyocell provides maximum breathability, softness and resistance. Premium quality.

Staining with H2Zero Philosophy . Garment dyeing carried out exclusively in Portugal, applying dyeing processes with a closed water circuit for its total reuse and a treatment without the use of chemical agents.

Sustainable manufacturing in Portugal. The Lina sustainable bath towel is ethically produced and locally produced in the Guimarães region, renowned for the quality of its textiles. 100% eco-responsible and transparent traceability.

OEKO-TEX® certified. Elegant bath towel free of harmful substances for people and the environment.

European Flax® certified. European, ethical and sustainable linen fiber rigorously certified.


Product type : Bath towel

Reversible : No

Collection items: Set of towels in the ideal measurements to make a perfect set: 30×50, 50×100, 90×150.

Mix & Match : Set of bath towels available in ten colors to combine endless possibilities and create custom bathrooms.

Premium Finish: Elegant detail at the end, finished in 100% organic linen.

Material: 70% organic cotton and 30% lyocell. 100% eco-materials from local producers.

Certification: OEKO-TEX®. All our articles are free of harmful substances.

Origin: Manufacture of proximity Portugal (Guimaraes).


Lina bath towels are in all the necessary measures to create a complete set for the bathroom. The different sizes of towels are available in each of the ten colors.

TOWEL SETS 30×50cm
Si sigues estos cuidados tu toalla de baño Aiguavista alargará su vida y estará siempre perfecta.
  • Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría. Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría.
  • No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro. No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro.
  • Planchar máximo a 110ºC.No es necesario planchar. Si se plancha, hacerlo a temperatura media.
  • Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta. Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta.




With its Nino Aiguavista bed set

Stylist and interior designer


With Lina towels from Aiguavista

Entrepreneur and decorator


With its Lina Aiguavista bed set

Stylist and interior designer


With its Nina Aiguavista bed set

Entrepreneur, influencer, Pilates teacher...


With his pajamas and cushions Aiguavista

international model


With his Aiguavista linen clothes

Entrepreneur and wellness and yoga teacher


With its Nino Aiguavista bed set

influencer and mother


With tie & dye Piluca Aiguavista towels

ECOHotel Rural & Spa

imagine the touch most extraordinary that you can

This is how our towel sets are. Elegant bath towels made only with eco-alternative materials.

A balanced mix of organic cotton (70%) and Lyocell (30%) from eucalyptus that result in a unique, extraordinary fabric. You've never dried yourself with anything like it.

maximum softness and absorption

After many tests we have found the perfect curl quality.

This towel has been created with premium zero twist yarn (without twist) to ensure unmatched softness, fluffiness and absorbency. And an extremely soft touch due to the balance between organic cotton and lyocell.

Towels that dry, caress your skin and decorate your bathroom. Ideal, right?

A shower on the Costa Brava

We bring to your bathroom the colors of the sea, the sun, the earth, the Costa Brava. We only work with pigments

Premium and with artisan garment dyeing techniques. That's why our towels are so soft.

Universal colors with a thousand possibilities to combine. Whatever you do, you will have a beautiful bathroom.

A towel healthy for you and for the planet

Like all our household linen, it is an ecological and sustainable bath towel. It is certified with the OEKO-TEX® seal, which guarantees the absence of harmful and irritating substances for people.

In addition, we apply a H2Zero culture and stain with a closed water circuit for its total reuse and a treatment without chemical agents. More natural, impossible.


Una visión totalmente eco-responsable de la fabricación.

Mi casa es tu casa

En 2014 creamos la sociedad «mi casa es tu casa” asociándonos con J.F. ALMEIDA, S.A fabricante referente de fabricación en Portugal. Tenemos la sede en el corazón de Portugal, en Guimarães, una región reconocida en todo el mundo por la calidad de sus productos de textil hogar.

Materia Prima

  • Algodón orgánico de agricultura no invasiva y procedente de productores locales.
  • Lyocell procedente de la pulpa de madera de las hojas del eucalipto.
  • Lyocell de Lenzing fabricado en Europa

Confección y Fabricación

  • Fabricación en Portugal
    Gracias al circuito corto de fabricación logramos impacto medioambiental limitado, control y calidad de producción, entorno de trabajo seguro y salarios justos.


Trabajamos con pigmentos Premium y con procesos de tintura plenamente sostenibles. H2Zero es un sistema de circuito cerrado para la reutilización total del agua y su posterior tratamiento sin uso de agentes químicos. Diseñado para reducir al máximo el consumo de agua y de energía. El resultado son colores intensos sobre el lino, con tintura íntegramente realizada en Portugal y aplicada sobre prenda confeccionada para no malgastar ni una gota de agua. Certificado de calidad OEKO-TEX: todos nuestros tejidos están libres de sustancias nocivas.

Packaging y transporte

  • Entregamos los pedidos en camión.
  • En cada paso que damos tratamos de reducir al máximo nuestra huella ambiental
  • Packaging fabricado con materiales reciclados y con certificado FSC.


Measurement / color changes

When we produce a pre-purchase we always plan a little additional stock to cover possible changes. Of course, the article must be in perfect condition, unwashed and with all the labels in place. Send us an email to and we will try to find a solution.

Missed an item?

If you have arrived late to the pre-purchase or you are a Deco professional and you need this Aiguavista for your project, write to us at We reserve small remnants of stock for these cases.

Our pre-purchase textiles are cheaper than in stock. They are fair prices derived from an ethical, sustainable, efficient and planned production. Because we do not disguise our prices to later offer sales and discounts. We are honest with you and with the planet.
You see, avoiding overproduction has its rewards.
At all levels.


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