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The sea in your bathroom
  • Set of three towels in 100% organic Bio Cotton of 550 gr/m2: soft and allergen free.
  • Ideal sizes to make you a perfect set: 30x50, 50x100, 90x150
  • Textured border with tone-on-tone Aiguavista embroidery.
  • Mix & Match. Sets in various colors to decorate your bathroom. Combine with Clara bath mat
  • We are Green. Sustainable and proximity manufacturing, GOTS® cotton and OEKO-TEX® certification.
Gris niebla
Rosa opalo
Blanco espuma
Set de 3 piezas
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Anemones serve as a refuge for many species that inhabit our waters. The exclusive mix of organic cotton and lyocell gives Nema extreme softness, which welcomes and comforts you. Yes. With this towel we pay a beautiful tribute to the Mediterranean.

Composition : A mixture of organic cotton (70%) and Lyocell (30%) from eucalyptus that gives the terry cloth of our bath towels and bathrobes incomparable softness and absorbency.

A unique curl. Made with soft touch yarn made in Portugal and with a jacquard pattern. Its weight is 600 gr/m2 perfect for total comfort. Lyocell provides maximum breathability, softness and resistance. Premium quality.

Staining with H 2 Zero Philosophy . Garment dyeing carried out exclusively in Portugal, applying dyeing processes with a closed water circuit for its total reuse and a treatment without the use of chemical agents.

Always soft. The Nema towel has been created with soft-touch yarn to ensure softness, fluffiness and absorption.

Sustainable manufacturing in Portugal. Ethical and local production in the Guimarães region, recognized for the quality of its textiles. 100% eco-responsible and transparent traceability.

OEKO-TEX® certified. Bath towels free of harmful substances for people and the environment.


Product type: Bath towel

Collection items: Set of towels in the ideal measurements to make a perfect set: 30×50, 50×100, 90×150.

Premium Finish: Jacquard fantasy curl, anemone marine drawing inspired by Costa Brava-Mediterranean.

Description: Premium terry bath towel, with the ideal weight of 600 gr/m2 and garment washed.

Material: 70% organic cotton and 30% lyocell. 100% eco-materials from local producers.

Certification: OEKO-TEX®. All our articles are free of harmful substances.

Manufacturing origin: Portugal (Guimaraes).


The Nema bath towel is in all the necessary measurements, a complete set for your bathroom.

TOWEL SETS 30×50cm
  • Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría. Lavar a máquina máximo a 40ºC. Recomendamos lavar en agua fría.
  • No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro. No usar lejía ni productos blanqueadores con cloro.
  • Planchar máximo a 110ºC.No es necesario planchar. Si se plancha, hacerlo a temperatura media.
  • Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta. Secar a baja temperatura. Recomendamos un secado al aire, más respetuoso con el tejido y más sostenible para el planeta.




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ECOHotel Rural & Spa

100% organic cotton

An extraordinary towel requires extraordinary raw materials. Our 100% organic cotton towel comes from non-organic agriculture.
intensive, irrigated by rainwater so as not to waste water resources.
It comes from plots of small producers that we support, who take care of every plant and every inch of land. That's why the feeling on the skin is so natural. Because you are in contact with the most authentic cotton that exists.

Practical, elegant and very tasty

The ideal weight. Extra soft and absorbent terry. Soft and fluffy touch. Fabric free of allergenic substances. A beautiful embroidery with a premium finish.

Easy to combine and available in elegant colors. And, also, easy to wash because it can go in the washing machine.
When we say our towels are beautiful and practical, we don't just say it.

Mix and Match. Combine your favorite colors

A soft, absorbent bath towel, and available in many amazing colors!
Tones inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean. Combine the bath towels with our mats and play with decorating. Unify the entire look or add a touch of color. You can create a thousand combinations!

A towel healthy for you and for the planet

We never talk just to talk. Our honesty is reflected in every decision we make. Our cotton is GOTS certified, and that not only means that the cotton is organic and ethical, but that the entire production chain is taken into account.

Each Aiguavista bath towel is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Because we want the same softness for you as for the planet. That's why when you wrap yourself in our 100% organic cotton towels, the feeling is so, so extraordinary. In every sense.


A totally eco-responsible vision of manufacturing.

Mi casa es tu casa

In 2014 we created the company “mi casa es tu casa” associating with JF ALMEIDA, SA, a leading manufacturing manufacturer in Portugal. We are based in the heart of Portugal, in Guimarães, a region recognized throughout the world for the quality of its home textile products.

Raw material

  • Organic cotton from non-invasive agriculture and from local producers.
  • Lyocell from the wood pulp of eucalyptus leaves.
  • Lenzing lyocell made in Europe

Clothing and Manufacturing

  • Manufacture in Portugal
    Thanks to the short manufacturing circuit we achieve limited environmental impact, production control and quality, safe working environment and fair wages.

Dying process

J.F. ALMEIDA PORTUGAL - Our journey to SustainabilityTreballem with Premium pigments and sustainable dyeing processes. The reduction of water consumption is thanks to three pillars: Optimize the dyeing processes. Recycle and reuse water. We invest and update our machinery to make it more efficient each time. It is also very important for us to reduce our carbon footprint day by day. We are reducing our energy consumption every year and introducing the use of green energies, installing solar panels for example. We have OEKO-TEX quality certification: all our fabrics are free of harmful substances.

Packaging and transport

  • We deliver orders by truck.
  • In every step we take we try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible
  • Packaging made with recycled materials and with FSC certificate.


Measurement / color changes

When we produce a pre-purchase we always plan a little additional stock to cover possible changes. Of course, the item must be in perfect condition, unwashed and with all labels in place. Send us an email to and we will try to find a solution.

Missed an item?

If you have arrived late to the pre-purchase or you are a Deco professional and you need this Aiguavista for your project, write to us at We reserve small remnants of stock for these cases.

Our pre-purchase textiles are cheaper than in stock. They are fair prices derived from an ethical, sustainable, efficient and planned production. Because we do not disguise our prices to later offer sales and discounts. We are honest with you and with the planet.
You see, avoiding overproduction has its rewards.
At all levels.


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