Oct 05, 2022

Linen, linen!

Dress your home with the natural elegance of linen. Bed linen, decorative cushions, table linen, curtains... Dress it from top to bottom with Premium Linen, timeless designs, incredible colors.
And above all style, a lot of style.

Pre-purchase available from 9/30 to 11/6

New colors!

You asked for it and here they come. This pre-order also brings your favorites in new colors. New shades to fill your home with new sensations without abandoning the philosophy that unites us:
produce without harming your health or that of the planet.

Did you know that not all linens are the same?

We love linen. That's why this new pre-purchase is loaded with wonderful proposals in linen.
But not everything is the same. This is Aiguavista linen:
real sustainability for real well-being.

· Without deception
We only work with pure linen
(100% linen composition)
Water-respect philosophy
Flax watered only with rainwater
Earth friendly
Flax grown in a rotating system so as not to deplete the Earth and without the use of chemical agents or pesticides
100% vegetable and vegan linen

· Fiber of European origin
Guarantees ethical and decent manufacturing throughout the chain.