Green & responsible

Green & responsible

“We got our passion for home textiles through the brand Nicoleta. It was there that we acquired an appreciation for things well done. Nowadays, we know offering design and quality is not enough. Today, we need a production model committed to the planet and the future of new generations”.

Fred and Caro Guiet. Founders of Aiguavista

A different production model is possible.

The textile industry pollutes 20% of water worldwide and accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions (1.2 billion tons of Co2/ year) *.
Overproduction is one of the main causes of climate change and the pollution of shorelines. But there is another way of doing things. will you join us? Change is not possible without you.

*Source: Cee-Onu

The revolution
of the pre-order

All our collections are launched as pre-order. We produce less and better. It is our way of fighting overproduction and the harm it causes our planet.

Saving water
every step of the way

There is water at every step of the chain of production. At Aiguavista we prioritise the reduction of our water footprint every step of the way — it’s in our name. We work with eco-alternative materials that save water in the cultivation and manufacturing process, sustainable dyes applied on garments so as not to waste or pollute a drop of water and we produce with pioneering technologies in water-respect vision.

100% materials

Conventional cotton is very harmful to the planet, as it entails an enormous usage of water and pesticides. At Aiguavista, we only work with organic cotton from local farmers exclusively irrigated with rainwater. Moreover, we use lyocell, linen, and hemp, which are more sustainable materials, and mix them to create new surprising textures. A beautiful alternative to cotton.


We manufacture in Portugal, in Guimarães, a region known worldwide for the quality of its textiles. We know every person involved in the manufacturing process and supply chain. This way we can guarantee quality control, fair and decent wages, and total traceability of our products.

Each choice we make is a path we take. Our vision is the sum of small decisions that imply big changes.

Zero waste

We don’t want mountains of clothing dumped on the shores of the world. This is why we produce on demand, garment dyed, to adapt to the needs of our customers and avoid unnecessary waste.

Sustainable and long-lasting dyes

We work with premium pigments and fully sustainable dyeing processes. H2Zerois a closed-loop system for total water reuse and subsequent treatment without the use of chemical agents. Designed to minimize water and energy consumption.

Non-toxic fabrics.
OEKO-TEX® certified

We want healthier textiles for you and the planet. All our production is certified with the OEKO-TEX® label, which guarantees there are no harmful substances or irritants to humans or the environment.

100% cotton

All the cotton we use is organic. It is softer, hypoallergenic and durable. farmed without pesticides and irrigated with rainwater, thus reducing excessive water consumption.

Linen and hemp collections

We foster the use of other natural fibres as alternatives to cotton. Their farming requires very little fertiliser, pesticides, and water, with extraordinary results in the feel and finish of the fabric.

Natural softness: eucalyptus lyocell

A vegetable fibre obtained from wood pulp from eucalyptus leaves; the cellulose is extracted, ground and dissolved in a non-toxic solvent. Due to its spinning technique, the material is not chemically altered and does not pollute water used in the manufacturing process.

An ethical vision applied to
the whole production chain.


Mi casa es tu casa

In 2014 we created the «mi casa es tu casa» company, partnering with J.F ALMEIDA, S.A. — reference manufacturers in Portugal. Our headquarters is in the heart of Portugal, in Guimarães. An ethical and strategic choice: short production circuit, quality control, and traceability from beginning to end.


Cleaner energy

Our industry partners invest in solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint and in renewing machinery to reduce energy usage.


Plastic-free packaging

Unless absolutely necessary, we don’t use any plastics in our packaging.
All our packaging has been made from recycled material and FSC certified paper.


Cleaner transport

Manufacturing in Portugal allows us to deliver by land and in bundles, leaving behind the high levels of pollution of other modes of transportation such as air and maritime freight (cargo ships dump tremendous amounts of petrol and waste in the water).


Fair conditions
for everyone

From the local farmers we support, to the manufacturing and delivery. Local production in Portugal ensures fair working conditions and fair and ethical wages in a safe environment. This philosophy is audited and certified by SMETA

We drive real change.

For each sale we make, we contribute to a project
implemented with the Friad Sagna primary School
in Ziguinchor (Senegal)

“Water, a treasure to protect.”

A new line created from recycled plastics.

Our personal journey has bound us to Senegal. This strong connection brought us to partner with the Karemben association and the Friad Sagna school in Ziguinchor (Senegal), to organise campaigns to clear up plastics dumped along the Casamance river and the beaches of Cap Skiring. We want to raise awareness of the beautiful possibilities that come from blending design and recycling. In our upcoming collection we will create a line of duvets made from recycled plastics.

The goal behind this initiative, inspired by Moumar Gueye’s book, is to educate younger generations on the importance of water conservation and highlight the efforts of the textile industry to create local wealth and a circular economy.

More expensive? Ensuring the future is priceless.

Aiguavista is a business and life project that advocates for responsibility and ethics throughout the entire production chain. No os preguntéis por qué nuestros productos son un poco más caros, sino por qué los de otros grandes grupos son baratos.


more durable
and timeless


Ecological non-toxic dyes

Support for local producers

Ethical and fair working conditions

Consumer-proximity production