Home textiles & emotions

Emotions move the world, they bring beauty and transform it. This is what we aim for at Aiguavista: to create garments that accompany you in your special moments, designed for people that like to stop time and enjoy life by the sea with the people we love.


Aiguavista was born in 2018 as the next logical step in Frederic and Caroline Guiet’s journey in the world of home textiles. It is a passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle inherited from the creators of the well-known brand NICOLETA. We bring together experience and passion to create products with a unique personality.


Contrary to today’s busy and superficial lifestyle, we advocate pause, serenity, and a thoughtful look on the environment. A healthier rhythm of life, with vital moments for wellness and community. The sound of the sea, the salty breeze, and the views over the endless blue, convey feelings of peace and serenity that we try to bring into our collections.


Enjoying life with the people we care about. Bringing to life spaces with textures and colour. Extending the lifespan of our products by creating less and better. Protecting ocean life and the planet’s diversity by applying a Green vision to the whole chain of production. Life moves and inspires us in all its shapes and forms.

Home textiles & design

Timeless high-quality designs that become more beautiful with time and will always be with you. A home isn’t just a physical space, but the place for you to be yourself.


Colour is the beginning: it is a fountain of beauty and emotion. This is why we take great care and are meticulous when considering colours for our collections; we know that each tone carries emotions and influences your wellbeing.

Inspired by the costa brava

The colour of the sea and the textures of the hills in the village of Begur, Catalonia, have inspired and built the brand’s DNA. We established our base here to preserve the essence of our creations and reminisce about the people of this region and their easy going lifestyle.

Emotions and fabrics

We are constantly developing new textures and finishes for unforgettable softness and comfort; and we are always searching for alternative fibres that allow us to create textiles that are healthier for you and the planet.

The perfect imperfect look

Our unique style emanates from using ancient manufacturing techniques, which give each item small irregularities that make them unique.

Home textiles & Green philosophy

Every choice counts.

We manufacture on demand, creating more durable and timeless items. We minimise water consumption throughout the process and search for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cotton, the intense farming of which requires vast amounts of water. We use ecological non-toxic dyes. We support local farmers and ensure ethical and fair working conditions throughout the production chain. We manufacture close to you, in Portugal, and use transport that minimises Co2 emotions.

A different production model is possible.

Discover everything we do to take care of you and the planet.

Pre-purchase system

Together against overproduction

OEKO-TEX Certification

Fabrics free of harmful substances

Manufacturing in Portugal

Ethical and local production

Mediterranean Inspiration

Heiress of the Nicoleta brand