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“The March sun, hit with the sledgehammer”.

This proverb is said because the sun, on the day it decides to rise, is usually very warm, no doubt a foretaste that spring is coming.

2023 – 2024 CALENDAR

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APRIL 2023


Tamariu collection

The good weather is here, the sunsets, the walks on the beach…

The Tamariu Collection is a tribute to the Sun, printed and garment dyed bed linen that we will coordinate with a very nice bath towel.


JUNE 2023


Beach Limited edition

To celebrate the arrival of summer and the good weather, we are preparing something special that we hope you will like very much.

Surprise, surprise…

Pre-order launch



Lino new colors

New colours for our 100% organic linen collection.

We are developing a kimono/bathrobe prototype that we believe will be a style statement.

Why pre-order?

We want to transform the textile industry to transform the world. By adapting production to the orders we receive, we avoid wasting fabric and natural resources. We create new textures with eco-friendly materials. We strive for a better model for you, for the planet, for all of us. For all.

A better model.
And 100% safe purchase

Changes size / colour

When we produce a pre-order we always plan for a little extra stock to cover possible exchanges. However, the item must be in perfect condition, unwashed and with all tags in place. Email us at and we will try to find a solution.

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If you are late for the pre-order or you are a professional decorator and you need this Aiguavista for your project, please write to us at We reserve small stocks for these cases.

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First collection 2022-2023

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