Mediterranean colors in your home

The colors of water

The different hues of blue of the water in movement are like a watercolour on the colours of the bay: the seabed of rocks and algae, the village’s white houses, the sandy beach, pine trees and tamarinds, the rocky cliffs and the pure blue sky. All combined, like a huge impressionist painting. This utterly intimate impression is what we try to bring to this range of colours.

  • Foam whiteFoam white
    Ref.: C701
    "The foam of the waves crashing on the rocks."
  • Acua greenAcua green
    Ref.: C711
    "The watercolour of the water on the white sand of Aiguablava beach."
  • Blue indigoBlue indigo
    Ref.: C715
    "The vividness of the Tramontana sky."
  • Grey fogGrey fog
    Ref.: C702
    "The misty dawn at the top of the cape of Begur."
  • Emerald greenEmerald green
    Ref.: C712
    "The reflection in the sea of a seaweed bed."

Mediterranean colors in your home

The colors of the sun

The sun slowly rises on the horizon on a summer day. Total calm. The bright sun rays filtered on the sea. The ochre and orange hues of the rocks are reflected on the sea, which is a mirror. As if the sea were tinged with gold. This explosion of the colour of nature is what we have sought to convey and include in this colour range.

  • StoneStone
    "The tone of the rocks bathed by the salt water and worn by the Mediterranean sun."
  • NaturalNatural
    Ref.: C703
    "The colour of the fine sand on the beach."
  • Opal pinkOpal pink
    Ref.: C705
    "The delicacy of the sunset. The pink hue on the horizon at sunset."
  • Yellow curryYellow curry
    Ref.: C704
    "The midday sun in the Mediterranean."
  • TangerinaTangerina
    Ref.: C708
    "The brightness of the summer sun on the horizon"
  • PaprikaPaprika
    Ref.: C707
    "The iridescent colour of rockfish scales."
  • Coconut brownCoconut brown
    Ref.: C713
    "The shade of seaweed on the shore of the beach"
  • TileTile
    Ref.: C710
    "Clay roofs under the Mediterranean sun"

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